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El Descanso Del Toro

Welcome to El Descanso del Toro Hosteria-Spa. The perfect space for a pleasant stay .

Located down south, in Loja , is a small town of Vilcabamba, commonly known as " the valley of longevity ." Its rivers, abounding waters of magnesium and iron have been identified as the reason for the health and longevity of the local population. Vilcabamba extends about 30 kilometers from the city of Loja, Ecuador. The climate, clear nights and lush vegetation make this small valley a lost paradise and a meeting point for tourists from around the world. Environmentalism, tourism and social atmosphere are the axes of this space that offers an excellent alternative distraction or family vacation. The spacious and beautiful hotel infrastructure, the majestic surrounding nature and the delightful climate make this place the perfect place for a pleasant stay.


Address: Diego Vaca de Vega,
pasando el Río Chamba
(Vía principa a Yamburara) .
Vilcabamba. Loja-Ecuador

Phone;(593-7) 3 02-6398
Phone: (593-7) 2 640 007
Cel:  0980 882 809