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Services and Lodging

El Descanso del Toro Hosteria - SPA whose location and interior design entails large, comfortable suites and personal living areas in each room . With the harmonic flowing waterfalls surrounding the pools, the beautiful arches of the hotel lobby, the hotel’s in house restaurant, and the hottub you’ll find everything you need to achieve the ultimate relaxtion.

A one of a kind ambience, tourism, and  social enviornment are the keys that make us an excelent alternative distraction and family vacation.

The ample and beautiful infastructure of the hotel, the majestic nature all around, and the perfect climate make this hotel the perfect place for a pleasant stay.


Address: Diego Vaca de Vega,
pasando el Río Chamba
(Vía principa a Yamburara) .
Vilcabamba. Loja-Ecuador

Phone;(593-7) 3 02-6398
Phone: (593-7) 2 640 007
Cel:  0980 882 809