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Wrap yourself in the unique therapies that your body needs.
The mud therapy merge to leave your skin full of life. 
Aromatherapy and massages will return the harmony and rest your body needs .

Come and enjoy the relaxation and tranquility of our drawn baths, with a superb view of the majestic mountain peak, Mandango.
Time with family or friends in our whirlpool will let feelings of comfort and wellbeing flourish. Enjoy the unique relaxing feel in an environment full of positive energy and peace.

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Address: Diego Vaca de Vega,
pasando el Río Chamba
(Vía principa a Yamburara) .
Vilcabamba. Loja-Ecuador

Phone;(593-7) 3 02-6398
Phone: (593-7) 2 640 007
Cel:  0980 882 809